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    File evaluation 

    Engineer's diploma obtained in France (MRA) – Before October 28th 2021

    Once your permit application has been received, the Access to the Profession Department will verify that the field of study indicated on your Engineer’s diploma is identical in all respects to the field that is indicated on the list of French programs recognized by the Order.  Furthermore, all submitted documents will be evaluated to ensure that they are indeed the required documents.  You will be advised if any further documents are needed.

    The Access to the Profession Department determines whether you are eligible under the MRA or if you need to obtain training equivalence.

    If you hold a diploma covered by the MRA and your file is complete, please allow 8 to 10 weeks processing time for the Order to issue you a Temporary Restrictive Engineers’ Permit.

    After that, you will have to meet the two (2) other conditions for obtaining the Engineer’s permit.

    demonstrate three years of relevant experience, of which at least one year has been spent working in Canada under the control and supervision of an engineer;

    pass the professional examination.

    Holders of a temporary restrictive engineer's permit (HTRP) must practice under the immediate control and supervision of an engineer, which means a person who holds an engineer’s permit and is registered on the roll of the OIQ.





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