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    A new regulation concerning permit applications by holders of an engineering degree obtained in France came into effect on October 28, 2021. It replaces the former regulation of the same name.

    As of this date, all new permit applications for holders of an engineering degree obtained in France are subject to the new regulation. Prior to this date, they are subject to the former regulation. Note that it is possible to request to pursue the process under the new regulation from the member portal.

    The difference between the two regulations mostly concerns the number of months of work experience to be demonstrated:

    Former Regulation

    New Regulation

    Applications for permit submitted before October 28, 2021

    DApplications for permit submitted after October 28, 2021

    Three years of relevant engineering experience, including 12 months in Canada.

    24 months of relevant engineering experience and completion of 6 competencies. (Some competencies must have been acquired in a Canadian environment)

    For those who started their process before the new regulation came into effect, and wish to continue their process, the information below applies.

    Engineer's diploma obtained in France (MRA) – Before October 28, 2021

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    The Mutual Recognition Agreement on Professional Qualifications (MRA) signed between the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ) and the Commission des titres d’ingénieur de France (CTI) offers French engineers a special path to obtain an engineer’s permit in Quebec.

    Programs covered by the MRA:

    To know if you are eligible for the MRA, you will need to find your institution as well as your field of study on the list of recognized programs. If the institution as well as the field of study indicated on your diploma is not identical to what is indicated on the list of French programs recognized by the Order, your file will be evaluated by the Professional Practice Admission Committee (previously named the Examiners' Committee).  Type 4 evaluation fees will apply. For further details, click here.

    Temporary Restrictive Engineer’s Permit (TRP):

    Once your application is approved by the Executive Committee, we will issue you a Temporary Restrictive Engineer’s Permit (TRP). For further details, click here.

    Programs not covered by the MRA:

    Specialty degree programs (issuing “diplômes de spécialisation”), degree programs that qualify individuals to practice a profession in Québec that is regulated by another order (chemist, forest engineer, agronomist, surveyor) or engage in activities that are not considered engineering and do not require a permit (e.g. meteorology, knowledge engineering, horticulture) have been excluded from the MRA and do not appear on the list.

    Other programs do not appear on the list either because the OIQ has not received enough information to make a decision about them, the programs do not have enough engineering subjects or the institution offers options such as financial engineering, taxation, etc.

    If your engineering diploma is not recognized by the OIQ, it may be recognized under an MRA signed by another order, such as the Ordre des chimistes, Ordre des ingénieurs-forestiers, Ordre des agronomes, or Ordre des arpenteurs-géomètres. If this is the case, you should apply to the relevant order for a permit. If this is not the case, to be eligible for an engineer’s permit, you must first obtain training equivalence. Please refer to the following profiles:

    Engineer’s Diploma obtained in an institution outside of the territory of the agency granting accreditation:

    The Order does not accept programs offered by institutions located outside of the territory of the agency granting accreditation, nor does it accept agreements signed with other countries.  An institution is considered to be outside of the territory when it is geographically located outside of the country of the agency with which the mutual recognition was signed.

    NB: The 2009 version of the list of programs accredited by the CTI was used as a starting point. Programs that were not offered at the time are not covered by the MRA.

    For more information, contact our office at 514 845-6141, option 1 or by email at sac@oiq.qc.ca

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