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    Entry on the roll 

    Engineer's diploma obtained in France (MRA) – Before October 28th 2021


    Once your temporary restrictive engineer’s permit (TRP) is issued to you, you must register on the roll of the OIQ by filling out the form that will be sent to you with the invoice for all payable fees.  (See the "Professional dues and annual charges" section of Fee Schedule).

    A portion of the payable fees are for the basic group professional insurance plan. However, if you are working in private practice, you also need to be covered by the mandatory group supplementary insurance plan.

    As a member of the OIQ, you agree to comply with the laws binding anyone registered on the roll of the OIQ, including the Code of Ethics of Engineers and the Regulation respecting the mandatory continuing education of engineers.

    The holder of a temporary restrictive engineer's permit is authorized to use the title of Junior Engineer or its abbreviation « Jr. Eng. ». However, he is not authorized to use the title of engineer or its abbreviation "Eng.," and may only practice under the immediate control and supervision of an engineer.





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