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    Training activities  

    Engineering diploma covered by the Washington Accord

    The Admissions Committee recommends training activities when the diploma supporting your application to the Order was issued five or more years prior to the permit application, the level of knowledge acquired during your studies is no longer comparable to current course content, and relevant work experience or training acquired since the diploma was issued has not provided you with the required level of knowledge.

    To obtain full training equivalence, you must successfully complete the recommended training activities. The number of training activities may vary according to the gaps identified.

    As for the training activities, you may take the admissions examinations and/or university courses that bridge the specific gaps identified by the Admissions Committee. At the end of the training activities, you will have to provide documents proving that you have successfully completed them, such as an official transcript sent by the educational institution.

    Admission examination fees  must be paid for each admission examination. Consult the Fee Schedule. For the university courses, please refer to the educational institutions to find out the cost of the training activities they offer.

    For more information on admission examinations, please click here. 





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