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    Required documents 

    Other diplomas

    The application you submit to the Access to the Profession Department must include
    the following:

    • A duly completed and signed permit application form;

    An original act of birth issued by the Civil Registry office (accompanied by a photocopy); the original act will be returned to you after verification.

    • Official transcripts (for diplomas obtained in Canada):

    Official transcripts for each diploma supporting the application. The transcripts must be sent to the Order by the issuing institution, along with the Transcript Request form (form optional) 

     • The WES comparative analysis (for diplomas obtained outside Canada):

    Once you have created your portal, you must open an account at World Education Services (WES). When you create your account, you must choose the following options
    - WES standard application;
          - Add a recipient and choose from the drop-down menu, Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec;
          - Course by course WES ICAP (type of evaluation).

    WES will perform a comparative analysis of your university credits, which it must send to us directly. Please visit WES for specific required documents. For any information, please communicate directly with WES customer service. 

     •  Please make sure that the photograph is centered and that you looked directly at the camera when the photo was taken.  Your eyes must be opened and clearly visible.

    • An original act of birth issued by the Civil Registry office (accompanied by a photocopy); the original act will be returned to you after verification.

    • The description (syllabus) of each of the courses taken to earn each of your diplomas, including your preparatory classes, DUT, Licence, BTS, Associate Degree. The description version must be the one in effect at the time the course was taken. Please note that the translation oh this document does not need to be an official translation.  

    A duly completed table of corresponding course descriptions and transcripts for each diploma obtained outside of Québec:
               - Form for diplomas obtained outside of Canada (To fill out this form, you must first obtain your course description and your WES evaluation report)
              - Form for diplomas obtained in Canada (To fill out this form, you must first obtain your transcripts and your course description)

    • Any university diploma or diplomas supporting the application (a true copy certified by the issuing educational institution or by an employee of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec upon presentation of the original and photocopy) or a document attesting to the issuance of the diploma or diplomas sent directly to the OIQ by the issuing educational institution (the hard copy version must be accompanied by a photocopy).

    •  If applicable, the thesis summary, final graduation project and/or internship project for all your diplomas.

    • If gaps are noticed, the Admissions Department may ask you for a description of your engineering-related work experience. To describe it, you must fill out the table when and where requested once it has been submitted to you.

    • If your diploma was issued over five years ago, and the knowledge you acquired during your studies no longer corresponds to the current content of the education program, you must demonstrate that your work experience and/or the training you have acquired since obtaining your diploma bridges this gap;

    Documentation proving that your knowledge of French is appropriate to the practice
    of the profession. *

    Payment of the permit application fee. See REQUEST FOR PERMIT - Holder of Type 5 degree  in the Fee Schedule. **  

    IMPORTANT : Documents submitted in support of your equivalence recognition application that are not written in English or French must be accompanied by a translation in one of these languages. The translation must be a certified translation of the original by a translator who is a member of the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec or recognized by the competent authority of the province or country in which he or she resides, if the translator is not located in Québec.



    Hard Copy Application – three payment methods are accepted:

    certified cheque, bank draft or money order payable to the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec;
    • MasterCard or Visa credit card;
    • Debit card or cash (exact amount) – at the OIQ offices only.



    * This proof is not required for obtaining a Junior Engineer’s permit, it is necessary for the Engineer’s permit.

    ** This fee is non-refundable and subject to change without notice.


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