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    Employers for candidates to the engineering profession 

    Embrace the future by hiring a Candidate to the Engineering Profession!

    The benefits of hiring a CEP

    Rest assured of the quality of work, performed according to generally accepted engineering practices.

    In Québec, professional engineering practice is closely supervised by the OIQ, but also bounded by laws and regulations. The OIQ also supervises the practical experience of candidates to the engineering profession, or CEPs, to ensure that they will practice their future profession with rigour, competence and professionalism.

    In that regard, CEPs must comply with all provisions of the Code of Ethics of Engineers and act with integrity. This is how the OIQ provides quality assurance for the work done by its current and future members, protects the public, and safeguards societal interests. For more details about the OIQ’s mission of protecting the public, click here.

    Assign tasks to an employee who will take on increasing responsibility in the business.

    The CEP program’s objective is to help future engineers become technically and professionally independent so that they can enter the job market easily. Through their involvement in engineering projects at your company, CEPs will develop the 6 competencies they need to obtain their engineer’s permit:

    For more details about the CEP competency evaluation, click here (in French).

    Count on a professional who is coached and supervised by an experienced engineer

    CEPs receive personalized guidance from supervisors who have an engineer’s permit that entitles them to practice the profession without restriction. Supervisors will pass on their “know-how” and “self-management skills” to candidates, evaluate their candidates’ progress toward the objectives and give their candidates the advice they need to develop their competencies.

    While supervisors must have personal knowledge of the work done by their CEPs, they do not have to be managers or colleagues at the same company. For instance, supervisors may be suppliers, clients or engineers from another province who are members of their professional order or association.

    CEPs are responsible for choosing their supervisor, who must be approved by the OIQ at the beginning of their practical experience period. Note that the OIQ has a register of volunteer supervisors that you, as an employer, can consult if your company does not have the resources to meet the supervisor requirements.

    For more details about the supervisor’s role, click here (in french only).

    Positions for CEPs at your company

    The right way to use the title

    The candidate to the engineering profession (CEP) title, which has been in effect since April 1, 2019, is an official title recognized by the OIQ.

    As shown in the examples below, it may be preceded by a comma and follow the candidate’s first and last name:

  • Pierre Larochelle, candidate to the engineering profession.
  • Alexandrine Tremblay, CEP.
  • All CEPs are entered into a specific OIQ register and their status can be verified by contacting our customer service department.

    The CEP title is equivalent in stature to the junior engineer (Jr. Eng.) or engineer-in-training (EIT) titles, but better meets the needs of the engineering profession in Québec. In fact, a new Regulation respecting the terms and conditions for the issuance of permits by the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec was brought into force in April 2019 in an effort to improve public protection mechanisms, clear up any confusion about use of the engineer title and offer better guidance to candidates to the profession.

    Junior engineers and engineers-in-training

    The junior engineer and engineer-in-training titles will continue to exist during the transition period, which ends on April 1, 2022. After that date, these types of permits will no longer be recognized by the OIQ.

    Job offers for CEPs

    We encourage you, as an employer, to make the necessary changes to your organization’s job offers. This will ensure that you recruit the candidates who best meet your needs.

    The OIQ ensures that CEPs have the technical knowledge required in their field of engineering practice. However, just like junior engineers (Jr. Eng.) and engineers-in-training (EIT), CEPs are not yet full-fledged engineers and must work under the immediate control and supervision (ICS) of an engineer whenever reserved acts are performed (Engineers Act, sections 2 and 3: http://legisquebec.gouv.qc.ca/en/ShowDoc/cs/I-9.

    For more details about the CEP program, click here.

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