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    Supervisors for candidates to the engineering profession 

    Help develop the profession and share your know-how with future engineers. Supervising a CEP is an enriching experience in your career!
    The supervisor's role Supervisors coach CEPs, share their experience with them and guide them in applying the engineering lessons they have learned. More specifically, supervisors:
  • set the objectives of the practical training period with CEPs;
  • make sure that the workplace allows the CEPs to reach the set objectives;
  • assist CEPs with workplace integration;
  • make themselves available to CEPs to answer their questions;
  • regularly evaluate the progress made by CEPs toward their objectives and provide CEPs with the advice they need to develop the 6 targeted competencies (these six competencies are broken down into 28 sub-competencies that are essential to practice engineering);
  • give CEPs the feedback they need to make progress;
  • make sure that CEPs work under the immediate control and supervision of an engineer whenever they engage in an activity reserved for engineers;
  • provide all the information and documents required by the Regulation respecting the terms and conditions for the issuance of permits by the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec;
  • behave professionally at all times in accordance with the standards and values of the profession.
  • Supervisors must therefore have personal knowledge of their CEP’s work. CEP evaluation CEPs will need to complete a self-evaluation of their acquired targeted competencies by referring to the evaluation scales created by the OIQ. Their self-evaluation will then be validated by their supervisors using these same scales. For a more accurate CEP evaluation, supervisors will need to consult the other engineers who provided control and supervision for reserved activities that their CEPs performed, where applicable.

    Competency Assessment Guide for the Engineer’s permit acquisition process

    Conditions for being a supervisor
  • Have an engineer’s permit that entitles them to practice engineering without restriction;
  • Must have practiced the profession for 3 of the last 5 years;
  • Must not have been struck off the roll or fined, had their permit revoked or suspended or had their right to practice restricted.
  • Note that supervisors may be engineers outside Québec, on condition that their CEPs are under the immediate control and supervision of an engineer registered on the Roll of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec whenever the CEPs perform reserved acts. As far as their relationship to the CEPs is concerned, supervisors may be:
  • their line supervisors;
  • their colleagues;
  • their clients;
  • their suppliers.
  • CEPs are responsible for choosing their supervisor, who must be approved by the OIQ at the beginning of their practical experience period.


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