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    Engineering experience 

    The purpose of acquiring Engineering experience is to help Junior Engineers become familiar
    with various aspects of Engineering practice and gain professional autonomy.

    To satisfy the experience requirement, Junior Engineers must accumulate the equivalent of 36 months of Engineering experience and have it recognized by the Order.

    During this training period, they must:

    regularly engage in activities related to the subjects studied during the program leading
    to their engineering diploma

    solve problems that require the application of engineering sciences in at least one of the following fields: research, development, design, production, construction, installation, maintenance, sales and marketing techniques

    participate in one of the following:

    - application of the financial, economic, regulatory and legal aspects of an engineer’s practice
    - administration and leadership of a technical team
    - resolution of technical problems related to industry or the environment

    tackle increasingly complex problems and assume greater responsibility

    The 36 months of experience is acquired as follows:

    • Junior Engineers start to accumulate experience with their first engineering job following the completion of their undergraduate Engineering degree.

    If the Professional Practice Admission Committee (previously named the Examiners' Committee) has required the candidate to pass qualifying examinations, experience may only be accumulated after the successful completion of these examinations.

    At least 12 months must be accumulated in a job performed in Canada.

    • Experience credits can be granted for an internship of up to 4 months, a sponsorship program of up to 8 months and graduate studies of up to 24 months.  Experience credits may not exceed 24 months. To learn more about what credits are available, consult sections 10 to 16 of the Regulation respecting other terms and conditions for the issuance of permits by the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec.

    Any experience acquired in Québec more than six months prior to registration on the roll or, if applicable, the date on which the Professional Practice Admission Committee (previously named the Examiners' Committee) required the candidate to write confirmatory examinations, will not, under any circumstances, be counted towards experience. In the case of experience acquired outside Québec, this retroactive period is five years.


    For more information, contact our customer service department by phone at 514 845-6141, option 1, or by email at sac@oiq.qc.ca

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