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    Obtaining the seal 

    Engineers must affix their seal and signature on the original and copies of all engineering plans and specifications that they themselves have prepared or that were prepared under their immediate control and supervision by individuals who are not OIQ members.

    The seal is a hallmark of engineers. It certifies that they are OIQ members and therefore authorized to practice the engineering profession in Québec.

    Engineers must obtain their seal from the OIQ. They are forbidden from obtaining it by other means and must use it in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

    The OIQ is the exclusive owner of all original seals. When their engineer’s permit is revoked, engineers must return their original seal to the OIQ as soon as they receive a written request from the OIQ Secretary.

    To find out the situations in which engineers must or may affix their seal, click here (in French only).

    To order your seal, please fill out the form (in French only) for that purpose.

    For more information about using the seal, call us at 514 845-6141 or toll free at 1 800 461-6141, extension 2368, or write to pratiqueprof@oiq.qc.ca.

    For more information about ordering the seal, call us at 514 845-6141 or toll free at 1 800 461-6141, extension 2397, or write to accesprofession@oiq.qc.ca.

    For more information, call us at 514 845-6141 ou au 1 800 461-6141, poste 2398, 
    or write to : sac@oiq.qc.ca.

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