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    Changes of status 

    Change of status from engineer to retired engineer

    To be eligible for retired member status, members must meet the following conditions:

  • hold an engineer’s permit in the meaning of the OIQ’s regulations;
  • be 62 years old or older;
  • be retired, which means that they have ceased their professional engineering activities (they may still earn an income, just not from engineering);
  • agree not to practice engineering in the meaning of the Engineers Act, even for free;
  • To obtain the application form for a change of status, you must request it either during the annual registration process or outside the registration period, by filling out the following form.

    For more information, click here to consult the FAQ section.

      Change of status from engineer to permanently disabled engineer

      To be eligible for permanently disabled member status, you must first obtain this status from the Régime de rentes du Québec. You may submit your request by email at sac@oiq.qc.ca. Remember to send supporting documentation to prove that you receive disability benefits from the Québec

      Change of status from retired engineer or permanently disabled engineer to engineer

      To change your status from retired member or permanently disabled member to that of an active member, please send your request by email at sac@oiq.qc.ca

      Removal of your name from the roll

      If you plan to not renew your registration on the OIQ’s roll for whatever reason (e.g. You are leaving the profession, retiring or have not paid the annual dues), you must inform us by cliquing on «Requests» in your portal here.

      Depending on the case, you must also fill out the permanent transfer agreement form. For more information about the cessation of practice and the form that should be filled out, please click here.

      For more information, call us at 514 845-6141 or 1 800 461-6141, extension 2398, or write to sac@oiq.qc.ca.

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      1 514 845-6141
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