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    Professional Admission Program (PAP) 

    On April 1, 2019, the current "junior engineer" program should be replaced with a new program which will be called the "Admission Program" (AP). This new program has been established to better meet the needs of the engineering profession.

    This page will be updated given that the regulation approval process is still following its usual course at the Office des professions du Québec.

    The changes to the Admission Program are intended to:

    • better protect the public by adopting best practices in evaluating experience;
    • confirm that future engineers have not only technical, but also professional competence;
    • ensure that future engineers possess state-of-the-art skills.

    Here are the main changes that are presently being proposed, pending final approval of the regulation:

    Comparative table

      Today April 1
    Title Junior engineer or engineer-in-training Candidate to the engineering profession (CEP)
    Practical experience period 36 months, including 12 months in Canada, with the possibility of receiving 6 months of credit through equivalence and up to 24 months of credit in total 24 months in which all competencies must be acquired, with the possibility of receiving equivalence and full credit depending on the file
      No time limit
    • 5 years to register for the Professional Admission Program (PAP)
    • 5 years to complete the PAP
    Sponsorship Optional program
    • Sponsorship incorporated in the PAP by the supervisor
    • End of sponsorship report
    Experience certification Experience certified by 2 engineers (i.e. OIQ members) Experience certified by 1 engineer
    Professional examination Professional examination 30 hours of online training and professional examination

    To learn more about the new process, click on the link that best describes your situation.
  • I am a junior engineer or engineer-in-training with 36 months or more of engineering experience.
  • I am a junior engineer or engineer-in-training with less than 36 months of engineering experience.
  • I plan to obtain my engineering degree after April 1, 2019, or I am not a junior engineer or engineer-in-training.
  • The draft draft regulation for this new program (in French) has been written in collaboration with the Office des professions du Québec. The consultation was completed as of December 15, 2018. Should you have any comments, kindly send them directly to the Office des professions du Québec at the following address:

    800 place D’Youville, 10th floor
    Quebec City, Québec
    G1R 5Z3

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