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    What is engineering? 

    Engineers are constantly asked to solve concrete, often complex, technological problems related
    to the design, creation and implementation of products, systems and services. In order to fulfil
    such a strategic role in society, these professionals must master a variety of technical skills — economic, social, environmental and human — all of which are grounded in a solid foundation
    of scientific literacy.

    Although engineering expertise was long employed primarily in industry, it is astounding to see
    the numerous and diverse fields in which engineers may now exercise their talents. Given this reality,
    it has become difficult to provide a single definition of this profession, which can be practised
    in heavy industry, biotechnology, energy and mechanics, as well as in services, aerospace, information technologies and even construction.

    The métro you ride, the tunnel you drive through, the computer you use and the telephone you plug
    in are all products of engineering, like many of the industrial products we use and consume each day. And this doesn’t even include the medical breakthroughs that rely on engineering to constantly improve our life expectancy.

    On a daily basis, engineers push the limits of science for the well-being of humanity,
    but this responsibility can only be assumed if one is supported by core values. For this reason,
    the engineering profession in Quebec is based on competence, responsibility, ethics and social commitment.



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