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    Engineers provide far more than just a service. They give their customers the peace of mind that accompanies a job well done!

    Every engineering achievement is based on concepts and calculations that could have serious consequences if they were improperly carried out or applied. That is why Quebec's engineering practice is strictly governed by laws and regulations.

    These laws and regulations let you rest assured that all engineers have the training and skills
    they need to carry out their engineering work. Engineers are also responsible not only for their own professional acts but for those performed under their immediate direction and supervision. That
    is why an engineer is responsible for the plans or specifications to which he applies his signature
    or seal.

    ngineers are also bound to comply with an ethical code. Should his conduct prove inappropriate,
    he must answer to his peers. This code contains provisions covering such areas as the engineer's duties and responsibilities toward the general public and toward his clients.

    Toward the public: the engineer must consider the impact of his work on the environment, as well
    as on the life, health and property of all persons. He must also ensure that any engineering work
    is safe and complies with the rules of the trade.

    Toward clients: Engineers must perform their work with integrity, independence and neutrality
    and be available to their clients. Engineers are bound by confidentiality and must also give their clients access to their files.

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