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    Ad hoc syndic

    An ad hoc syndic is appointed by the OIQ Board of Directors for a particular inquiry. An ad hoc syndic has the same rights, powers and obligations as the syndic, but does not have authority over an assistant syndic and cannot be assisted by a correspondent syndic.

    Assistant syndic

    Assistant syndics are part of the Office of the Syndic. They carry out their duties under the direction of the syndic. They have the same rights, powers and obligations as the syndic with respect to the public and OIQ members.



    A candidate is a person who wishes to obtain a practice permit and become a member of the Ordre des ingénieurs.
    Process for obtaining an engineer’s permit
    This process is specific, but may vary depending on where the candidate was trained. To find out more, read the document that explains the process for obtaining the engineer’s permit in Québec.


    Correspondent syndic

    Correspondent syndics are part of the Office of the Syndic. Their duty is to assist the syndic and the assistant syndics in carrying out their duties.


    Deletion from the OIQ Roll

    A professional whose name is deleted (i.e. struck) from the Roll of the OIQ may no longer practice the profession. Professionals may be provisionally, temporarily or permanently deleted from the Roll. Professionals who are struck from the Roll are no longer members of the OIQ and may not practice the profession during the period in which their name has been deleted from the Roll. However, they still retain their practice permit.



    Anyone* who wants to practice engineering in Québec must be a member of the OIQ. Only those who have an engineer’s permit issued by the OIQ and are registered on the roll of the OIQ may use the title of engineer and perform the professional acts reserved for the engineering profession.
     *Except for forest engineers, who have their own order to represent them.

    Engineer’s permit (practice permit)

    This permit is required to practice the engineering profession in Québec. To obtain this permit, you must meet certain requirements. For example, you must demonstrate that you have adequate training, have acquired sufficient professional autonomy, have adequate knowledge of the laws and regulations related to engineering practice, and have an appropriate knowledge of the French language. To find out how to meet these requirements, you should read the document explaining the process for obtaining the engineer’s permit in Québec.


    This status is no longer granted and will eventually disappear.
    Restricted practice
    Restricted practice prohibits professionals from practicing in one or more specific fields or imposes specific terms and conditions on specific aspects of their professional practice. 


    Ethics is the set of general and special rules and duties that govern a profession, the conduct of those who practice it, and their relations with the public, their clients, their fellow professionals and the profession. These rules were laid down with the primary goal of ensuring the protection of the public. They are mandatory and must be observed subject to disciplinary penalties.


    Junior engineer

    The first step toward becoming an OIQ member.
    As a junior engineer working under the immediate authority and supervision of an engineer, the candidate becomes familiar with the various aspects of engineering practice in view of attaining sufficient professional autonomy. Before they are granted the junior engineer title, candidates must first demonstrate that they have the required qualifications by passing confirmatory or qualifying examinations, if necessary.


    Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec

    The professional order created by the Québec government to ensure that Québec society can continue to trust in the engineering profession. The activities of the OIQ are mainly based on the Professional Code of Québec, the Code of Ethics of Engineers, the Engineers Act and the Regulation respecting other terms and conditions for the issuance of permits by the OIQ.
    To find out more about the mission and duties of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec, click here.


    Permit revocation

    By revoking an engineer’s permit, he or she is no longer a member of the professional order for lack of a practice permit.



    The syndic directs and oversees the smooth functioning of the Office of the Syndic. The mission of the syndic is to make sure that engineers comply with the regulations governing the practice of the engineering profession in order to protect the public. The syndic’s main duties are to conduct inquiries, where necessary, lodge complaints with the Disciplinary Council and act as a mediator in some cases.

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