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    Access to information 

    The OIQ is subject to an access to information and privacy scheme, whose purpose is to:

    • better inform members of the public about the OIQ’s activities and decisions related to its mission of protecting the public;
    • ensure greater protection of personal information in the OIQ's possession.


    Accordingly, the OIQ must comply with the rights and obligations stipulated in the Act respecting Access to Documents Held by Public Bodies and the Protection of Personal Information (CQLR, chapter A-2.1), the Act respecting the Protection of Personal Information in the Private Sector (CQLR, chapter P-39.1) and the section of the Professional Code (CQLR, chapter C-26) entitled "Access to Documents and Protection of Personal Information."


    Access to the OIQ’s public documents and information is granted to anyone who requests access to them.

    request to access a document or information should be sent to the person responsible for access to information and the protection of personal information at the OIQ (access to information officer). An access request may be made verbally or in writing, but must be specific enough so that the access to information officer can identify the appropriate document.

    A request to access or correct personal information must be made in writing by the person concerned by the information or by a person who is legally authorized to do so. In all cases of access or correction requests, the requester must prove his or her identity and provide reasons for requesting the information. For that purpose, the access to information officer may require the requester to sign his or her request and provide ID or proof that the request is legal, in cases of doubt.

    The access to information officer will acknowledge receipt of written requests. Access requests must be answered within 20 days of the date on which they are received. This period may be extended by 10 days, if necessary. In that case, the requester is informed of the longer response time.
    Please note that the maximum response time for requests to access or correct personal information is 30 days.


    A document can be consulted for free. However, fees may be charged for transcribing, transmitting or reproducing a document.

    When a document or personal information must be transcribed or reproduced by a third party, the OIQ charges the same fee that it pays to the third party for that service. No fee will be charged for these services, unless the amount due for them totals $7.65 or more. However, fees will be charged for the documents sold by the OIQ.


    Document type



    Sheet of paper


    for each photocopied, printed, microfilmed or microfiched page



    for the production of a negative

    8 X10 in. format


    for each photograph

    5 X 7 in. format


    for each photograph




    Computerized document


    number of hours required when the transcription must be done by hand

    *These fees are reviewed every year on April 1 (see the Regulation respecting Fees for the Transcription, Reproduction or Transmission of Documents or Personal Information (CQLR, chapter A-21, r.3). The fees charged are raised on April 1 of every year based on the overall Consumer Price Index percentage change determined by Statistics Canada.

    PUBLIC DOCUMENTS AND INFORMATIONThe Professional Code and the Act respecting Access to Documents Held by Public Bodies and the Protection of Personal Information identify several types of documents or information that are public.
    All types of documents are concerned: in writing or print, on sound tape or film, in computerized and other form. However, it should be noted that the right of access applies only to documents that can be released without requiring computation or comparison of information.

    As a reminder, several types of public documents or information are already available on the OIQ’s Web site, including:


    PERSONAL INFORMATIONInformation concerning a natural person that can be used to identify that person is personal information. Personal information is confidential

    However, under the law, several types of personal information concerning a member or a former member are public. For that reason, specific types of information about members can be obtained from the Member Directory.

    For all other information about a member or a former member, please call customer service at 514 845-6141, extension 2398, or toll free at 1 800 461-6141, or by writing to

    In addition to the President of the OIQ, the person responsible for access to information and the protection of personal information (access to information officer) is:
    Patrick Marcoux, lawyer
    514 845-6141 extension 3102

    The Syndic of the OIQ, Réal Giroux, Eng., carries out the duties of an access to information officer for documents or information obtained, held or communicated by the OIQ’s Syndic. Requests may be made to him by e-mail at or by telephone at 514 845-6141, extension 3201.


    If you are dissatisfied with the decision issued in response to a request you have made in writing, you may submit a review request to the Commission d'accès à l'information within 30 days of this decision.
    The review request must be made in writing and briefly explain the reasons why the decision of the person responsible for access to documents and the protection of personal information (access to information officer) should be reviewed.

    Please visit the site of the Commission d’accès à l’information du Québec or call the toll-free number (1 888 528-7741) to obtain the contact information or additional information you require to submit your review request.

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