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    Arbitration Council   

    Classification: statutory committee


    The Arbitration Council is composed of 3 arbitrators when the amount in dispute is $10,000 or more, and one arbitrator when it is lower than $10,000. The Executive Committee decides the length of the term of office served by the arbitrators, which is two years.


    ·         Carry out the arbitration process for an engineer’s account when conciliation failed to achieve an agreement between the parties; and

    ·         Schedule hearings and carry out the proceedings of the dispute.

    Selection criteria

    Council members must:

    • be OIQ members;
    • have been registered on the OIQ's roll for 10 years;
    • be interested in the conciliation and arbitration of accounts;
    • have training or experience in arbitration;
    • not hold any office at a professional engineering association;
    • not have been the subject of any disciplinary decision under sections 45.1, 55, 55.1 or 55.2 of the Professional Code.

    Chair and secretary

    When the council comprises 3 arbitrators, it is the OIQ President’s responsibility to appoint the chair and the secretary.

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