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    Directors Ethics Committee   


    The Directors Ethics Committee is formed, as soon as possible and whenever necessary, by 3 individuals, including the President, or Vice President of the OIQ if necessary, and 2 external individuals chosen by the President from a group of qualified experts in ethics and governance. This list of experts will be approved annually by the Board of Directors. Responsibilities

    • Give opinions and provide support to the OIQ and its directors when they are confronted by a problematic situation
    • Investigate any allegation or potential situation in which directors may have violated the rules of ethics set out in laws or the current Code
    • Make recommendations to the Board of Directors on administering the Code d’éthique et de déontologie des administrateurs de l’Ordre des ingénieurs (in French only).


    • The Ethics Committee must meet within no more than 30 days of receiving an inquiry request.

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