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    Admissions Committee 

    Classification: statutory committee

    Composition Only members who are engineers, teach at a university and practice engineering.

    • Issue permits to practice the profession by delegation of the Board of Directors.
    • Process diploma or training equivalence applications in accordance with the Regulation respecting standards for equivalence of diplomas and training for the issue of a permit by the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec.

    Selection criteria Its members must:
    • have been registered on the roll for at least 10 years;
    • not have been the subject of a disciplinary decision of the Disciplinary Council or the Professions Tribunal that has found them guilty of an offence or imposed a sanction on them;
    • not have been the subject of a decision that has imposed a requirement under section 55 of the Professional Code.
    • For members who practice engineering: practice professional activities linked to engineering.
    • For members from university institutions: have a doctorate. Every university institution that
    • offers undergraduate engineering programs approved by Engineers Canada may propose one (1) candidate, except for the Université du Québec, which may propose two (2): one from the École de technologie supérieure and the other from the university’s other constituent institutions.

    Chair Member of the committee with one year of seniority
    Frequency of meetings 10 to 12 meetings per year

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