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    Practicing engineering in Québec 

    In Québec, only members who are in good standing with the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec are legally allowed to practice the profession. To obtain an engineer’s permit, you must first meet certain requirements and follow a very specific process. The steps in this process differ depending on whether you earned your engineering degree in Québec, Canada or abroad. Would you like to know more about the conditions that must be met to join the 60,000 professionals who practice engineering in Québec? We are there to help you.

    In fact, the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec is responsible for governing access to the profession and assisting new recruits in becoming part of the profession. Whether you are about to finish your engineering degree in Québec or would like to immigrate to Québec and find out the conditions for practicing your field of engineering here, this section describes the steps that you will have to take in your situation.

    This section provides detailed information about engineering job opportunities in Québec, the process that you must follow to acquire your engineer’s permit, orientation programs,  training courses for international engineering graduates (in French only), diploma or training equivalence applications, etc. You will be assisted in every step of the process in an effort to help you become part of the second largest professional order in Québec!

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    Obtaining an engineer’s permit

    In Québec, having a university degree in engineering is not enough for you to be legally allowed to practice engineering. In fact, only those who have an engineer’s permit and are registered on the Roll of the OIQ may use the title of engineer.

    Accordingly, anyone who wants to become an engineer in Québec must first follow a very specific process, whose first step is to acquire a junior engineer’s permit. The steps in the process differ depending on whether your engineering degree is recognized or not by the Québec government
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    Why should you become a member?

    Being a member of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec: a privilege or a duty? Actually, both apply to the practice of engineering! Due to its constant concern for maintaining a solid bond of trust between the public and the profession, the OIQ believes that practicing the engineering profession in Québec is both a privilege and a duty. Visit the Why should you become a member?section to learn more about the context in which engineering is practiced in Québec.

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