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    Ethics and professional conduct 

     PLAN issue Title of the PLAN column Link 
    March-april 2020 The engineer’s signature, a guarantee of integrity and competence
    By Me Martine Gervais Lawyer, Head of the Inquiry Request Management team of the Office of the Syndic
    January-february 2020 The code of ethics of engineers, from then to now
    By Me Martine Gervais Lawyer, Head of the Inquiry Request Management team of the Office of the Syndic
    And Philippe-André Ménard, Eng. Assistant Syndic
    September-october 2019 Socially responsible engineers, three examples not to follow PDF
    July-august 2019 Offences that strike at the very heart of the profession PDF
    May-june 2019 Give your opinion, yes, but never take it lightly! PDF
    March-april 2019 How are whistleblowers protected? PDF
    January-february 2019 Self-management skills in the #MeToo era PDF
    November-december 2018 Performance specifications : Engineering documents that should not be overlooked! (continued) PDF
    September-october 2018 Engineering documents that should not be overlooked! PDF
    July-August 2018 A LITTLE PREVENTION : The importance of the contract PDF
    May-June 2018 The ethics hotline and its results PDF
    March-April 2018 Your Is Name on the OIQ’s Roll TO PROTECT THE PUBLIC PDF
    January-February 2018 A Little Prevention… DOESN’T HURT! PDF
    September-October 2017 COOPERATING WITH THE OFFICE OF THE SYNDIC : a choice or an obligation? PDF
    July-August 2017 A little prevention PDF
    May-June 2017 Responsible, from start to finish PDF
    March-April Professional misconduct: It doesn’t just happen to others! (2nd part) PDF
    January-February 2017 Professional misconduct: It doesn’t just happen to others! PDF
    November-december 2016 Find the 10 mistakes PDF
    July-August Why is it important to document your files? PDF
    March-April 2016 Too busy to meet with an inspector… PDF
    January-February 2016 Are disciplinary sanctions tough enough? PDF
    Nov-Dec 2015 LIMITING AN ENGINEER’S RIGHT TO PRACTISE: Understanding “where the problem lies” PDF
    Sept-Oct 2015 Is the bidding slip an infinitely flexible document? PDF
    Feb-March 2014 Risk management: your responsibility PDF
    December 2013 - January 2014 What business had he to be on that galley? PDF
    October-November 2013 Intimidation, an attitude unworthy of the profession PDF
    Aug-Sept. 2013 Big projects, important clients... be careful! PDF
    June-July 2013 Engineers and the weight of words PDF
    April 2013 Commission Charbonneau - Recalling certain ethical rules PDF
    March 2013 How to react when faced with a rigged invitation to tender? PDF
    Jan.-Feb 2013 ANTI-CORRUPTION TOOLS : How to react when faced with a rigged invitation to tender? PDF
    December 2012 Competence, a question of selfmanagement skills as well (Part 2) PDF
    November 2012 Competence, a question of selfmanagement skills as well (Part 1) PDF
    October 2012 Health and safety: an ever present concern for engineers PDF
    Aug-Sept. 2012 Individual responsibility, everyone’s business! PDF
    June-July 2012 Junior engineer, a hybrid status worth knowing PDF
    May 2012 RECKLESS ENGINEERS : Behaviour leading to serious consequences! PDF
    April 2012 Are a company’s executives and upper management subject to the laws and regulations that govern the practice of the profession? PDF
    March 2012 Scenario of an ethical dilemma (part 2) PDF
    Jan.-Feb 2012 Scenario of an ethical dilemma PDF
    December 2011 Interfering with the syndic's or the PIC's work, a serious and
    far-reaching offence
    November 2011 Is the person paying the bill the engineer’s only client? PDF
    October 2011 Before accepting a mandate, step back and take stock! PDF
    Aug-Sept. 2011 Does your seal foster unlawful practice? PDF
    June-July 2011 Conflicts of interests
    A very important case
    May 2011

    Respecting one’s obligations towards man:
    an essential duty of utmost importance

     March 2011 Would you be able to recognize a conflict of interest? PDF 
    Jan.-Feb. 2011 Five examples not to follow in order to avoid facing the Disiplinary Council PDF 
    December 2010  Ethics telephone line and on-line web tools for engineers PDF 
    November 2010  The Office of the Syndic: what is its role?  PDF 
    Sept.-Oct. 2010  Helping and being helped: limits that must be respected  PDF 
    June 2010  Dishonest and doubtful practices: examples not to follow! PDF 
    May 2010  Liability (part 2)
    A "small mandate" that became a BIG problem!
    April 2010 Responsibility, an optional value? PDF
    Feb.-March 2010 Engineers and their employers:
    what becomes of professional independence?
    Oct.-Nov. 2009 Reduced services for reduced fees? PDF
    Oct.-Nov. 2009 Ethics and code of conduct PDF
    Aug.-Sept. 2009 The “little brown envelope”? never! PDF
    June-July 2009 Violating the Code of ethics of engineers
    Do you have an obligation to inform?
    May 2009 The “good faith” defence PDF
    April 2009 A junior and a professional? Absolutely! PDF
    Jan.-Feb. 2009 When the past comes back to haunt an ex-junior engineer… PDF
    Jan.-Feb. 2009 Incompetence and its consequences PDF
    Decembrer 2008 Inspection report: unforeseen work for the new owners PDF
    November 2008 Can engineers act as their client’s supplier’s supplier? PDF
    October 2008 Two guilty pleas PDF
    Aug.-Sept. 2008 Repeat offences don’t pay PDF
    June-July 2008 An inescapable priority for the engineer: protecting the environment PDF
    May 2008 The professional, ethical conduct and the public’s security PDF
    April 2008 Affixing a seal: are there conflicting regulations? PDF

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