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    France Charbonneau, juge de la Commission Charbonneau

    Homerun show, CBC Montreal, June 6th 2012
    Photo PC

    Charbonneau Commission : engineers will intervene

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    The Gazette, February 4th 2012

    Engineering order probes members' work

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    Bracing for the big boom

    December 31st 2011, The Gazette

    Bracing for the big boom

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    September 15th, 2011, Quebec AM, CBC

    Explosive revelations in anti-collusion report: Radio-Canada

    To listen to the interview at 06:52, click here. (...)

    Montreal Turcot Interchange

    August 5th, Ingrid Peritz, The Globe and Mail

    Montrealers unnerved by a city collapsing around them

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