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    Soirées Signature Ingénieur(e): Québec welcomes 2,035 new committed engineers!

    vendredi 14 mars 2014
    • Montreal, March 14, 2014 – The engineering profession is replenishing its ranks: 2,035 new engineers have received their permit in the last twelve months, which is the same number as last year. These new engineers practice engineering in every region of Québec (see appended table).
    • To celebrate this crucial milestone, which allows them to independently perform the acts reserved for the profession and identify themselves as engineers, the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec holds two Soirées signature ingénieur(e) events. One of these events is dedicated to new engineers in Quebec City and eastern Québec and was held last night at the Espace 400e Bell. The other event is dedicated to engineers in Montreal and western Québec and will take place on March 27 at the Montreal Science Centre. Both events are held as part of National Engineering Month and presented by Gestion FÉRIQUE, the OIQ's partner for investment funds.
      “Receiving an engineer’s permit is the fruit of many years of labour. That is why the OIQ is pleased to honour the commitment of these new engineers and welcome them to the profession. These new recruits provide confirmation that engineering is still one of the most exciting and attractive professions!” explained Stéphane Bilodeau, Eng., Ph.D., Vice President of the OIQ and Vice President of Public Affairs.
      “Gestion FÉRIQUE is very pleased to contribute to this event and wants to congratulate all these new engineers who are now reaping the rewards of many years of work, and who will certainly become inspiring examples for future generations,” stated Jacques Laparé, Eng., MBA, Chairman of the Board of Gestion FÉRIQUE.
      The junior engineering period: a guarantee of public protection
      The 2,035 new engineers in Québec acquired their permits after completing a junior engineering period that lasted several years. This training period enables junior engineers to gain experience and acquire the skills and knowledge they need to practice the profession successfully and fully independently. During the junior engineering period, junior engineers work under the immediate direction and supervision of an experienced engineer.
      Junior engineers also have to meet two other conditions to receive their permits: pass the professional examination, which specifically tests their knowledge of ethics and professionalism, and demonstrate appropriate command of the French language.
      The OIQ’s commitment to the public
      The OIQ has committed to protect the public through prevention and disciplinary activities, find concrete solutions to meet the profession’s current challenges, and ensure transparent management.
      About the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec
      Founded in 1920, the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec has a membership of more than 60,000 engineering professionals in all fields, except forest engineering. The mission of the OIQ is to ensure the protection of the public by supervising the practice of the profession within the framework of its constituent laws and ensure that the profession serves the public interest. For more information, go to http://www.oiq.qc.ca.
      Number of new engineers by region*
      Number of new engineers
      Bas-Saint-Laurent— Gaspésie
      Hors Québec
      * The regions listed in the table correspond to territories covered by OIQ regional committees and not necessarily to administrative regions of Québec.
    • Soirées Signature Ingénieur(e): Québec welcomes 2

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