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    Access to regulated professions : The Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec presents its solutions to improve access for internationally trained professionals

    jeudi 12 octobre 2017
    • Montreal, October 12, 2017 – The regulations that govern the admission process at the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec are being revised and new diploma and training equivalence standards will be established to improve access to the profession for internationally trained professionals (ITPs). Directions along these lines were unanimously adopted by the OIQ’s Board of Directors on September 14, 2017 and new versions of these regulations were submitted for approval to the Office des professions du Québec (OPQ) in view of their application sometime in the summer of 2018.
    • “The objective is to cut processing times in half for these admission applications and increase the engineer’s permit acquisition rate, while maintaining rigorous admission criteria. Several initiatives to improve ITP integration have been implemented in recent years, but the OIQ would like to go further by developing a more personalized approach to evaluating applications, such as by taking greater consideration of candidates' work experience," commented Kathy Baig, Eng., FEC, MBA, President of the OIQ, during the major meeting ("Grande rencontre") held by the OPQ in Quebec City today to discuss access to regulated professions, at the request of the government.

      In the interest of fostering better assistance for ITPs, the OIQ would also like to work more closely with organizations that offer support to immigrants. For that purpose, the OIQ will hold a meeting with various community organizations on October 26 as part of Québec’s 2017 intercultural meetings week.

      Out of Québec’s 46 professional orders, the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec is the one that receives and accepts the most admission applications from internationally trained professionals. In 2015-2016, over 20% of the 2,692 permits issued as a result of recognized diploma or training equivalence by all 46 professional orders were awarded by the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec. Currently, over 12% of the 63,000 OIQ members were trained outside Québec.

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