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    Bill 16 on regulating co-ownership and pre-purchase building inspections

    mardi 28 mai 2019
    • Five professional orders agree with the thrusts of the bill but want to be consulted on aspects deemed essential to public protection
    • Montreal, May 28, 2019 –In anticipation of the study of Bill 16 during the committee stage, five professional orders with a total membership of over 112,000 professionals have joined their voices in support of lawmakers’ intention to regulate divided co-ownership and pre-purchase building inspections. The professional orders, which include the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec, the Ordre des administrateurs agréés du Québec, the Ordre des architectes du Québec, the Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés du Québec and the Ordre des technologues professionnels du Québec, believe that several key measures proposed in the bill will help enhance public protection.

      First, the obligation of keeping a maintenance log for each immovable will ensure the long-term integrity of buildings and prevent the negligence that occasionally occurs in some of them.

      Second, the obligation of obtaining a contingency fund study from a member of a competent professional order will give co-owners peace of mind that they have enough financial resources to carry out necessary work when it is required.

      Finally, regulating the individuals who perform pre-purchase inspections will reassure the public that their professional services are reliable and of good quality.

      The professional orders must be consulted in the next stages

      Despite these advances, the professional orders believe that the government's approach to date has not been exhaustive enough: It should be based on the expertise of the various disciplines concerned and make public protection the cornerstone of the process. In other words, the professional orders encourage lawmakers to shift their approach significantly as regards built heritage management and quality and changing attitudes toward co-ownership.

      Finally, the group of professional orders commenting on the bill believes that their involvement is essential in the next stages of the government’s process, as it develops subordinate legislation to the new provisions it is preparing to pass and as it deliberates the in-depth reform of co-ownership that they advocate as a group.

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