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    A Université Laval student wins the Fellowship for Excellence in Graduate Studies from the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec

    jeudi 19 mai 2011
    • Montreal, May 19, 2011 – The Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ) awarded a Fellowship for Excellence in Graduate Studies worth $7,500 to Louis-Alexis Allen Demers, a graduate student in mechanical engineering at Université Laval. The name of the recipient was revealed at the Gala de l’excellence on May 12 as part of the activities of the Annual OIQ Symposium.
    • OIQ President, Maud Cohen, Eng., was delighted to present the Fellowship for Excellence in Graduate Studies to Louis-Alexis Allen Demers. “This award is given to you because you have shown great care to apply the fundamental values of engineers, which are competence, responsibility, ethics and social commitment.”
      Fascinated by robotics, Louis-Alexis Allen Demers is working on creating a new generation robotic hand. This doctoral project will have a beneficial impact on all branches of engineering and society in general, since it will effectively replace humans for tasks at dangerous locations or sites that are hard to access. Allen Demers, who sets himself apart through his outstanding academic results, has already published several academic articles discussing his research results. Parallel to his academic activities, he is involved in a number of extracurricular projects, which include organizing meetings for engineering students, such as the Aerospace Students Forum and Research Day.
      Students who study in a field of engineering or applied sciences and are members of the Graduate Student Section are eligible for this fellowship once they submit their application. Candidates must have completed a minimum of three sessions in their academic program when they submit their application and have earned a minimum grade point average of 3 out of a maximum of 4.3 or the equivalent. Furthermore, their graduate academic program must include a personal project that will be submitted in the form of a thesis, dissertation or project.

      The OIQ Student Section has more than 4,200 students across Québec who have accumulated 30 or more credits in their bachelor of engineering program. Nearly 15,000 engineering students have become members since its creation in 1996.
      About the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec
      Founded in 1920, the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec has a membership of more than 60,000 engineering professionals in all fields, except forest engineering.
      The mission of the OIQ is to ensure the protection of the public by supervising the practice of the profession within the framework of its constituent laws and ensure that the profession serves the public interest.

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