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    Decisions and judgments   

    Professional inspection and other decisions

    The Executive Committee may render a decision based on a recommendation
    by the Professional Inspection Committee. The engineer in question may be
    required to successfully complete a period of refresher training or course.

    Index of professional inspection and other decisionsDisciplinary decisionsThe decisions rendered by the Disciplinary Council are public, subject to an order to hold a hearing in camera or an order banning the disclosure, access to, publication or release of information.

    This list does not include decisions in which the complaint was rejected or the respondent
    was acquitted, nor does it include cases in which the Council authorized the withdrawal
    of the complaint.

    The decisions of the Disciplinary Council may be appealed to the Professions Tribunal
    or be the subject of a judicial review. Therefore, they may not be final; a note to this effect
    is then included with the decision.

    Index of disciplinary decisions

    Unlawful practice of the profession: penal decisions

    Quebec's courts may impose penalties on individuals and companies that are found guilty
    of unlawful practice of the profession.

    Index of penal decisions - Enforcement

    Striking of members from the roll for failure to comply with professional liability insurance regulations

    This list gives the names of persons who have been struck from the roll of the Order.
    These individuals may not engage in professional engineering activities.

    List of names struck: professional liability insurance

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