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    Graduate studies in Engineering 

    In accordance with the Règlement sur les autres conditions et modalités de délivrance des permis de l’Ordre des ingénieurs, holders of a post-graduate diploma may receive Engineering experience credit. A Master’s Degree in Engineering will earn 12 months of experience credits whereas a Doctoral Degree in Engineering will earn 24 months of experience credits. A person who holds both degrees cannot earn more than 24 months of experience credits.

    In order for the diploma to be recognised:

    • ‘Engineering’ must be indicated on the final transcript of the post-graduate diploma;
    • Courses and research completed during the post-graduate studies in Engineering must not have been taken into account to obtain the undergraduate degree in Engineering that gave the Junior Engineer access to the Order;
    • The post-graduate degree in Engineering must be of a duration of at least two-years of full-time study which is the equivalent to the usual Master’s Degree in Engineering programme in Québec;
    • In the case of a post-graduate degree in Engineering, research must be the predominant component.

    Examples of diplomas that are not recognised:

    • DESS obtained in Québec.
    • Europeen Master, DEA or DESS.
    • Master’s Degree obtained through a student exchange programme between two countries in order to complete the last year of the undergraduate degree that gave access to the Order.

    In order to request an experience credit for a post-graduate degree in Engineering, you must submit the following documents*:

    *The Application for Experience Credits post-graduate Engineering studies form will be mandatory beyond February 1st, 2014.

    For more information, contact our customer service department by phone at 514 845-6141, option 1, or by email at sac@oiq.qc.ca

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