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    PLAN columns   

    The "Ethics and professional conduct", "Know-how and self-management skills", "Professional development",  "Professional supervision" and "Legislation and Jurisprudence" columns in PLAN magazine offer real, well-informed answers to general questions asked by OIQ members about practicing their profession.

    Ethics and professional conduct

    Based on frequently asked questions by engineers and the public, assistant syndics and lawyers at the Office of the Syndic work together to prepare the Ethics and professional conduct columns.

    To read these columns, click here.

    Professional development

    The Professional development column is there to help engineers making enlighten choices about the courses and classes an engineer can take in order to obtain the skills, qualifications and experience that allow them to make progress in their career.

    To read these columns, click here.

    Professional supervision

    Written by experienced engineers in the Professional Affairs Department, the Professional supervision columns discuss topics related to engineer training, their values and the regulations that they have to know in order to better practice their profession.

    To read these columns, click here.

    Legislation and Jurisprudence

    To read these columns, click here.


    To read these columns, click here.

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